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Julia Hashemieh

Julia Hashemieh's journey to her esteemed role as the CEO and President of Managed Health Care was marked by strategic positions within the healthcare sector. With each step, she accumulated invaluable experiences that have shaped her into the dynamic leader she is today. Renowned for her commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering focus on patient welfare, she has rightfully earned her place as a respected figure in the healthcare community.


Her academic prowess is underscored by her attainment of a Master of Arts in Economy from San Jose State University. This educational pursuit equipped her with the analytical skills to navigate the complex interplay between healthcare and economic considerations, enabling her to make well-informed and strategic decisions professionally.


Though the specifics of her charitable contributions remain undisclosed, Her evident commitment to the community's well-being and healthcare suggests her active participation in philanthropic causes. Whether through initiatives within her company, personal donations, or advocacy, her positive impact extends beyond the boundaries of her professional obligations.


Nestled in the heart of Santa Clara, CA, she finds solace in moments of respite and rejuvenation. An ardent swimmer, she parallels the disciplined strokes of swimming and the structured realm of healthcare management.


For her, walking transcends mere physical activity. It is a contemplative journey, an opportunity for introspection, and a means to connect with the world around her. Whether the bustling streets of Santa Clara or a tranquil trail, her walks mirror her journey—persistent, purposeful, and constantly advancing.


Music holds a special place in her heart. An avid listener, she turns to melodies for relaxation and inspiration and immerses herself in a world of serene tranquillity.


In healthcare, she exemplifies dedication, foresight, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Her contributions to the industry and multifaceted persona make her an exemplary leadership and personal growth model. As she continues to shape the trajectory of healthcare in Santa Clara and beyond, her legacy of impact and inspiration will remain an enduring beacon.

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